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Are you planning a move, or have moved recently, and feel overwhelmed by all the boxes? Here is an app for you that will help you organize and take control of your move. Keep track of each box with its contents, picture, and description, and search quickly as you find and unpack boxes after you move. We built it for ourselves when we moved, and it was a great feeling to know exactly where our things were, and exactly how much we had left to unpack. Check this one out!

Moving Organizer Lite

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Moving Organizer Pro

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Migrating to the Pro version

Migrating to the Pro version couldn't be easier with a one-step upgrade! Simply download the Pro version from the app store. Open the Lite version, then tap menu - Upgrade to Pro version. You will be given a warning that any existing info in the pro version will get overwritten with what is in the Lite version. Once you continue, all the info from the Lite version will be migrated to the Pro version! At that point, feel free to delete the Lite version if you would like, because the Pro version has all the features and more, without those annoying ads!


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Screenshot of box details in app
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About Moving Organizer

Presenting Moving Organizer (formerly Moving Companion) - a simple yet powerful app to help you keep track of your move.

Features in Lite version (ad-supported):

  • A single move, but unlimited number of boxes/items
  • Track pictures of your boxes
  • Powerful search to find items in your boxes
  • Back up move for later restore

Additional features in Pro version:

  • No ads
  • Unlimited number of moves
  • Powerful voice control to add content and description of boxes. For example, you can say, "Add a small box with plates and silverware."
  • Back up moves to the cloud using Dropbox for easy sharing between multiple devices
  • Print moves to PDF or cloud-print capable printers directly from your phone/tablet
  • Import existing images of boxes from your gallery


How do I search for boxes?

Open the move you want to search, and tap the Search icon in the upper right corner. You can type in the box's name, contents, or location.

Can I create a backup of my move info?

Yes! In both the Lite and Pro versions, you can create a backup of the moves on your device, and in the Pro version, you can also back up your moves to Dropbox. Simply open the menu in the main screen and tap Backup. To restore from the most recent backup, go to Menu > Restore.

If you are linked to Dropbox in the Pro version, the backup and restore features will automatically use Dropbox instead of a file on your device. To link to Dropbox, go to Menu > Link to Dropbox.

Where are the backups stored?

If you back up while not linked to Dropbox, the backups are stored in the MovingCompanion directory in the main internal SD card. If you're linked to Dropbox, the backups are stored under Apps > Moving Organizer Pro in your Dropbox. You can delete backups whenever you want using a file explorer app or Dropbox.

How does the app use the permissions it requires?

  • Read and Write external storage: This is used to backup and restore your moves.
  • Internet access: In the Lite version, this is used by ads (we don't bug you with ads - the box list screen and the box details screen are ad-free). In the Pro version, this is used for backing up and restoring your moves using Dropbox.
  • Record audio (pro version only): This is used by the voice control feature. This feature can be disabled in the settings.

Contact Info

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