Moving Organizer App

Are you planning a move, or have moved recently, and feel overwhelmed by all the boxes? Here is an app for you that will help you organize and take control of your move. Keep track of each box with its contents, picture, and description, and search quickly as you find and unpack boxes after you move. We built it for ourselves when we moved, and it was a great feeling to know exactly where our things were, and exactly how much we had left to unpack. Check this one out!

About SmartRFSolutions LLC

SmartRF Solutions LLC is a small company in the business of developing software and solutions for different platforms involving mobile applications, RFID applications, database and XML-based applications. We are a group of developers and educators who love the latest technologies and enjoy working with technology and their applications. If you want to know more about our company and services we provide, please contact us at

Virtual Assistant - a new teaser app from Whizkeys!

We are excited to announce the release of our teaser app called "Virtual Assistant" - this app is a demonstration of how Virtual and Augmented reality can be used to enable remote assistance for any mobile user. This is just an initial release and mainly has entertainment values, but does provide users with the capability that mobile devices can bring to us. Think of it as Onstar for anyone with a mobile device.

It is currently available on the Android platform only - an iOS version is in the works.

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